I want it to be available on android as well.Our apologies.
Due to VAT payments, we are currently not distributing this app on android.
While Apple pays VAT on sales at Apple. But on android the distributor pays VAT.
This requires a contract with a local accounting office, which may result in a loss for us if our sales are low.
For this reason, we are not distributing this service on android at this time.
If we expect a large amount of sales, we will start distributing the game on andorid.
Please understand that this is for our own reasons.
None of voice or musicWe are so sorry that "Mermaid Days" is a casual game and doesn’t have any sound or music.
Play on both smart-phone and tablet. If you have the same Store-ID, you can play the second part by charging for either iPhone or iPad. (Only paid once) The screen displayed is different between smart-phone and tablet. The sky is wider on smart-phone.
Play on both iOS and android. The store is different between iOS and Android, so if you want to play the second part of Mermaid Days on both, you have to pay for both.
Delete the application and download it again. If you delete the app and download it again, SAVE and SKIP information will be deleted. We’re so sorry
Deleted the application after charging. Even if you delete the application once, you’ll be able to get the billing information if you download and start again.
Sorry, Save and Skip information won’t be save.

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On our website and the Mermaid Days app The email address used to send your inquiry and the information contained in the email content and header. The IP address and user agent (e.g., when billing). IP address and useragent (model information, etc.) at the time of billing We collect two pieces of personal information from you. We do not use cookies on this site.


Our support team will not answer questions or provide strategy information on scenarios.
The second part of the scenario is not released even though I paid for it. Or if you have any problems with the app, please contact us using the form below It is.

When you open this support page from the billed Mermaid Days app, you'll see the text of the inquiry as The string "Account ID" and your account number may be displayed. Please do not delete your Account ID, as this will expedite our support.

If you have set up the system to automatically insert a prominent name such as address and name at the time of composing an email, delete the prominent name.
Please do not include the URL in the text, as it may be regarded as a spam mail and our response may be delayed.
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