Mermaid Days Credit

Character design, scenarios, graphics

Izumi Takemoto

years as a manga artist.
Over 70 books have been issued (*verification required). If you include the reissues, I think that you may have exceeded 100 books, but I’m not sure. It’s not easy to count it all

It's been going on for 28 years for a work called "Neko Me-(waku)" depicting the interaction between cats and humans walking so, I don't know how to finish it, so I'm stopping. So, it's better to decide the story as soon as possible.
Recently works in "Garden sisters".
I started a new manga project called “Baiten in the attic”.
The heroin of manga I’m drawing recently is around 20years old or above. What am I talking?

Programing and homepage

Hiroaki Okabe
Former "GAME ARTS" programmer.
I am masterpieces include "YUMIMI MIX" and "Dinosaur Island".
I has been working with Izumi Takemoto for 23 years.
Now he lives in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Translate by

Jay Jirayu Chompupa
Now, studying in Chiangmai Rajabhat University.
I'm interested in translation works since I was just a high-school student and this is my first ever translation work. If there are any problem, I would like to say sorry and I'll keep improve myself.
Thank you.

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