"Mermaid Days" is the first game in 10 years
by manga-artist Izumi Takemoto.
It is a first game for smartphone and tablet.

The name "Mermaid Days" means that
there are mermaids obviously.

So please, enjoy a quiet strange of the story
in the southern country.


Izumi Takemoto Hello. It's Izumi Takemoto.

As its content "Mermaid Days" is an adventure game.
Basically, there is no doubt if you think that feel like manga
...Or it's not ?

There is a description in the content, "please, enjoy a quiet strange of the story in the southern country" but it's not actually a southern country. It surrounds by palm trees and school background.

So, that was the game look like.
What am I talking ?

Alright ! So please, enjoy "Mermaid Days".


Hime T Ariha
Hime Tastetower Ariha
GOGO GOGO! MC Hime-chan.
She always appear and solving the problems in this game. Well, because she is a main character..
Kaoru Tokumaku
Kaoru Tokumaku
The conscience in this game ... is not subtly carried. Hime who always do everything she wants to do. And, He don't think this is too much for Tsubaki...
Tsubaki sasasame
Tsubaki Sasasame
No....conscience in this game. Well, it can't be help cuz it was Hime-chan. And, she likes sweet things.

Compatible Models

iPhone, iPad, Apple Silicon Mac : iOS Version 12.3 or later

Download on the App Store

(Our apologies. We are currently not distributing this app on android.)

supported language

Mermaid Days" is available in Japanese, English, and Thai.

When studying a language, I think it is quite effective to start with commic (from experience).
Please try the Mermaid Days app.


The story divided into 2 parts.
Free to play for the first part. If you want to know what kind of the story is then try the first part.

$4.99 for the second part.
Only pay once you'll be able to see the whole story in the second part. After finished the second part, you will see a postscript page.

It's a game for all ages. Playing this game with your confidence.

Since it is a casual game, it does not move like an anime.
There is no sound or music. We're so sorry

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